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Artist Statement

Art is a visual language of personal symbols – and my work is a rough sketch of my life. I create sculptural objects that comfort me, but also challenge my notions of reality, beauty and spirituality.


My work has a modern cowboy aesthetic and is inspired by western life and landscape.  All the places I have lived have possessed an abundance of gorgeous visual stimuli. From the canyons of Utah and Arizona to the lush environs of the Pacific Northwest, the rich culture of New Mexico and now the open plains and mountains of Colorado, my sculptural work reflects my love for the landscape and history of the American West.


I work in series, and often integrate steel and wood elements into my volumetric ceramic forms in hopes of attaining a poetic composite of materials. My collection utilizes a variety of clay, glaze and firing techniques, and features carving of intricate patterns and symbolic objects on the surface of the clay forms.


This collection represents individual events and the emotional ebb and flow of everyday life.

MJP in the studio.jpg
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